Sep 2, 2017

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Gear for Kayaking

What types of gear do you need for kayak fishing?

A beginner may wonder what types of gear do you need for kayak fishing. Here is a list of the basics For those who want to give it a try those who think they may want to give it a try, here is a list of the basics for safe and successful kayak fishing:

1. Kayak – the obvious gear requirement for kayak fishing is having a proper kayak for the task. When choosing a fishing kayak, you have to select one designed specifically for fishing. These generally come with accessory rails and storage for your fishing gear and are also more stable. You may take into consideration brands with good reputation for their quality fishing kayaks, including Pescador, Wilderness, Jackson, Lure, and Native.
2. Paddle – your means of movement on the water is ensured by choosing a good paddle. For this reason, it is recommended to purchase the best paddle you can afford. A good paddle has a flexible shaft, is lighter, and features the most durable blades. A better and lighter paddle will be easier on your arms and shoulders in the long run and can help you avoid fatigue. For a good starter paddle, try looking at the Bending Branches Angler Scout. For a top of the line paddle you may choose the Angler Pro.
3. Safety gear – ensure you also have sun protection, a comfortable personal flotation device, light, visible flag, and safety whistle. You may also include with your safety gear rope for emergencies, a knife, and flashlight. Some snacks and a cooler with water will keep your energy up and keep you hydrated.
4. Tackle crate – on the back of the kayak you may use a standard milk crate to hold boxes or tackle bags and other necessities. You may hold your rods by adding to the crate some very inexpensive rod holders.
5. Fishing tackle – reels rods, and your favorite Smithwick, Cotton Cordell, Booyah,Yum, Bandit, and Bomber lures will cover your bass catching needs.
6. Anchor – you may need to have a tool to help you hold position in light current or wind. Your bb Angler kayak paddle can be transformed into a stand-up paddle, canoe paddle, push pole or stakeout pole with the help of a kit from the Bending Branches. For a tool to hold you in position you may also check out the Angler Optimus from the Bending Branches. Other options could be a drift chute, drag chain or an anchor. In medium to heavy current you should be careful using some of these tools. For safety reasons, it is best to avoid that.
7. Camera – it is nice to keep a visual record of the fish you catch and your fishing adventures. The stealthy nature of a kayak allows you to observe animals and capture them on camera.
In order to get started with kayak fishing, those are some of the basics types of gear required. For those who want to go beyond the amateur status and start competing in kayak fishing tournaments you may need to upgrade this checklist with more advanced professional gear in order to turn their kayak into a powerful fishing machine.



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