Oct 11, 2017

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Different Types of Kayaks

Review of Different Types of Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks have soared in popularity in recent years. Over the last decade, manufacturers have been designing different types and models that are specially meant for fishing with specific fishery needs. These crafts are remarkably comfortable and stable. Additionally, most of them are equipped with all the accessories necessary for this exhilarating outdoor sport. These include specially designed hatches, built-in rod holders, and coolers, GPS receivers, anchor trolleys, running lights, live wells and equipment holders. Fishing from a kayak is a lot safer and easier than it looks. Choosing the right fishing kayak can be a mind blogging task for a novice; fortunately, in this guide, we’ve reviewed some of the common types of fishing boats in the market.

Sit-On-Top Kayaks (SOK)

The distinguishing feature is that they have a seat attached on top of the boat where the paddler sits. They are popular and better suited for newbies, particularly those who are yet to learn and perfect the skills required to prevent the boat from rolling. They are inherently safer since they can roll over without filling with water. The sit-on-top kayaks offer more flexible storage options for kayakers with a lot of gear. Due to their superior stability when stationary, they are better suited to anglers than trollers. Most of these boats have scupper holes to allow water to drain from the deck.

Sit-Inside Kayaks (SIK)

Unlike the sit-on top kayaks, these types require the paddler to sit inside the hull and often use a spray deck to waterproof the opening in case of splashing, flipping or even rain. They are ideal for moving waters and in situations where lighter-weight craft is desirable. All sit inside fishing kayaks feature extra large cockpit which makes them easy to enter and exit. They provide a drier ride compared to the SOK.

Tandem Fishing Kayaks

They are commonly identified as double kayaks. They are great for a beginner to learn basic boat handling, paddles stroke and other skills from a more experienced paddler sitting at the back. They are versatile sit-on-top or sit-inside fishing kayaks specially designed to allow two anglers to use at the same time. Moreover, they are ideal for those who don’t like to fish alone or would like to enjoy the adventure with a child, spouse or friend. Tandem fishing kayaks are more stable, heavier and long enough to accommodate two sitting adults.

Bass Fishing Kayaks

They are designed for fast moving waters so they tend to be narrow, but speedy enough due to their length. These boats can either be sit-on-top, sit-inside or tandem kayaks. Additionally, they offer enough storage space, a very important aspect with fishing kayaks. They are designed and outfitted to offer the ultimate bass fishing experience.

The Bottom Line

Fishing kayaks are often designed and outfitted for both trolling and angling- this is an aspect to put into consideration when shopping. In a nutshell, the best kayak for you will depend on several factors including the type of fishing kayak, your body size, fishing locations, personal preference, transportation options and storage options.



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